Holistic Education and the Two Modes of Consciousness (dissertation Schumacher College)





     Neurotransmitters  http:/        






     Cognitive Therapy



2      Free2be


         great articles


  Understanding the Brain


3.  Sense of Wonder by David Orr



         News from the Neurosciences

          Mind/Brain Learning Principles by R.Caine

          Experience Rewires the Brain by Marian Diamond

          Significance of Enrichment

          The Heart of a Teacher by Palker Palmer    

   Education of the Whole Person by Linda MacRae Campbell


           Values of Holistic Education




       Brief Introduction to Holistic Education by Ron Miller


  6.     Holistic Education: An Introduction







6. Holistic Education Inc.


   Holistic Education: A Summary


   Values in Holistic Education


   Freedom and Education


   Krishnamurti’s Insights into Education





7. (Context Journal)



.          Whole Person Education by MacRae-Campbell







                        What is Deep Ecology? By Stephan Harding


                        Gaia Theory by Stephan Harding                           


                         Earth Systems Science  by Stephan Harding




9. (Institute of Center for Partnership Studies)


            Building Foundations for Cultures of Peace by Riane Eisler



10.     School of Spiritual Psychology        


                     psychology of work                                                  



     12.          Online Resource Center  (articles)

                  A Sense of Wonder by David Orr

                  The Teacher as  Contemplative Observer

                     by Richard Brown



     13.           New Horizons for Learning                                




                   The Heart of a Teacher: Identity and Integrity in Teaching by Parker Palmer



      14.             Renaissance Universal                     

                               The Chalice or the Blade: Choices for the Future by Riane Eisler




      15.             Paths of Learning



                                       Holistic Education: An Introduction  by Ron Miller




                             books: Action Guide to Teaching from the Soul by Wendy Ellyat



      16.            Spirit of Learning



       17.                 Thinkers on Education (pdf files)



     18.           Education 2000 A Holistic Perspective  http://www.GATE/Education2000.html


     19.          Theosophical Order of Service


                         Essential Advice on Meditation by Sogyal Rinpoche



      20.             Center for  Evolutionary Psychology, University of California

                      see Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer

   22.           Pari Center for New Learning  (David Peat)

               see papers and essays