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Computer Resource: Online Math Tutor Information


"Web Support: Math and Science Resources"


great math resource page...


Ashram Paryavaran Vidyalaya Holistic Education School lists schools for Cosmetology, Aesthetics and Hair Design, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Exercise Science, Personal Training, Holistic-Natural Health, Holistic Nursing, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, Naturopathy, Reflexology and Holistic Psychology


 Institute of Holistic Education

 University Of Metaphysical Sciences  Bachelors, Masters, D.D., Ph.D. Degrees in Metaphysics, distance learning, Internet downloads or Postal Mail, Low Tuition/Payment Plans, Starts at $50/mo, higher education for spiritual unfoldment, teacher training..               


Earth Vision     www.



 European Forum for Freedom in Education





   1. Holistic Education Network of Tasmania www.hent.or


   2.       Reimagine Education (Whole Systems Education Project)                   



  3.    Alternative Education Resources Organization (AERO) 



4. Encyclopaedia of Informal Education     

5. Human Scale Education (hse) 

6. Gentle Teaching


7. Living Wisdom

Education For Life Foundation  

8.  Holistic Education Institute UK  


9.     Holistic Education Resource Collection


10.      Holistic Education at Ontario Institute of Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada. Jack Miller, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning






           Transformative Learning Centre 


11. ASCD Holistic Education Network


             Learning and Spirituality in Education Network

12. Great Ideas in Education: Foundation for Educational Renewal

(resources on holistic education and related topics)




13. Paths of Learning

14. The Independent Institute  Oakland, California


15.   The Human Nature Review 


16.  International Foundation for Holistic Education


17. The Centre for Teacher


18. Holistic Education


19.   Triangles of Light


   Triangles in Education


      World Programme for Soul Education



          Global Declaration of Soul Education



          (Journal) Soul Educator: Bulletin of Triangles in Education Network



           2004 Soul in Education Conference, South Africa


20. Findhorn Foundation




21.                  United Nations


     United Nations Cyber School Bus: Peace Education



UNESCO (documents)

Learning: The Treasure Within

22. Esalen Center for Theory and


23. Alternatives


24. The Fetzer Institute


25. Atma Vidya Educational Foundation (India)


26. The Ecologist (journal)


27. Common Dreams News Centre (newsletter)


28. Centre for Human Ecology (university)


29. The ecoSelfProject: Experiencing Deep Ecology (restoring the ecological self)



30.            COLLEGES



Schumacher College: International Centre for Ecological Studies(UK)

      Sunbridge College


Rudolph Steiner Anthroposophy


      Steiner College Teacher


31.   Naropa University: Educating the Whole Person


32.            Oikos: Towards an Ecology of Mind


33. Living Routes: College Programs for Sustainable Future


34.        Transforming Schools Network

35.. Center for Partnership Studies (teacher formation)

   36. Sudbury Education Resource Network (SERN)


37.  Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education AllPIE


38. American Montessori Society AMS

Montessori Online

International Montessori Association

39. Center for Inspired Learning


40. In Context (journal)


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41. Freedom To Be NaturalLearners



42.    Intuition Network


43.    Wondertree


44.            Sites For Teachers


45.            Institute for Peoples Education and Action (IPEA)



   46.            Spiritual Action in Politics


47. School of Spiritual Psychology

Sophia: Journal of the School of Spiritual Psychology

    48. Magazine Green Teacher: Education for Planet Earth


49. Newspapers Worldwide


50. Small Schools Project


Coalition of Essential Schools


51. Council for Environmental Education


52. Schumacher Society


53. Education Otherwise (Homeschooling)


54. Positive Futures Network


55. Community of Interbeing


56. International Association for Learning


57. The Council for Global Education


Convention of the Rights of the Child

58. Washington (state) Holistic Education Network (WHEN)

Holistic Education Coalition


   59. Enki Education (teacher formation)


60. ENCOMPASS Natural Learning Rhythms





61.  Cutting Edge Teaching, Susan Kovalik & Associates  


   62. Gurteen Knowledge Management (ezine)


63. Essential Spirituality


64. Charles Tart on Consciousness


65. Institute for Democracy in Education


   66. Origins of Peace and Violence


   67. Creating Learning Communities

68. University of Peace (Costa Rica)


   69. Utopia Online Library


70. World Prosperity


71. Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI)


Krishnamurti Foundation of



                 Teachings of Krishnamurti


72. Network For Grateful Living


73. Ken Wilbur Online


74. The Institute of Noetic Sciences



           Online Noetic Network


75. New Holistic Online


76. California Institute of Integral Studies


77.                     Shapers of Educational International Foundation


78.                     University of Global Well-Being Projects (Sweden)


79.                     Holma College of Holistic Studies


80.                  Theosophical Society

          Theosophical Order of Service Soul Education Focalising Group


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81.                     Institute for Democracy in Education


82.                     Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM project)


Educators for Social


Sustaining the Soul that Serves


                                                            Foxfire Teacher Outreach


   83.     Alternative Learning


84.               We Can Change the


   85.      New York Open Center (holistic learning center)


   86.    Society for Effective and Affective Learning(SEAL)


   87.           Institute of Educational Studies at Endicott

        Global Alliance for Transforming Education (GATE)

        Education 2000 A Holistic Perspective


   88.                     Remembering Education




89.                     Centre for Educational Development and Research (University of Surrey)


   90.       Teachers Without Borders


  91. 21st Century Learning Initiative


92. New Horizons


93. Why Ardue?


94. Calamus International University


95.                     New Renaissance (magazine)

   96.       Spirit of Learning


   97.       Spirituality and Health


   98.       Maslow Nidus


   99.       First Amendment Schools


   100.       Educational Heretics Press



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   101.     Center for Self-Managed Learning


   102.     Growing Without Schooling


   103.    World Transformation

               New Civilisation Network


   104.     American Educational Research Association (AERA)


   105.   Human Behaviour and Evolution Society


   106. Center for Evolutionary Society (University  of California)


   107.   Tucson University (Science of Consciousness)


   108.   Educational Intensive in India (Didi Anandarama)


   109.  Eight Year Study of Progressive Education


  110.    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University


  111.    Living Values Education


   112.    World Goodwill


   113.     Philosophere Publishers


   114.    Pari Center for New Learning  (David Peat)

               see papers and essays     


   115.   CaineLearning  home of Brain/Mind Learning


   116.  Jensen Learning Corporation


   117.   Policy Futures in Education



  118. Putnam Pit (Tennessee)

               Scott Forbes on holistic education


   119. Swaraj Foundation

               Shikshantar: The Peoples' Institute for Rethinking Education and Development




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  121.        Alfie Kohn


  122.       Wellness Quest, H.A.I.L Educator's Network


123.      International Association of Education for World Peace


  124.       Passageways Institute   Boulder, Colorado


  125.       Russ Andrews' Website on Holistic Education (California)



 126.     U.S. Charter Schools


 127.  Association for Process Philosophy of Education


128.   Cutting Edge Teaching, Susan Kovalik & Associates


 129.   Global Campaign for Education




  131. The Simple Society Alliance for Human Empowerment


  132.  Harmony Education Center, Indiana University




    Kiwi Magazine